EUROSENSORS 2021 Virtual Meeting


A special and free one-day event “EUROSENSORS 2021 Virtual Meeting” will be organized on Tuesday 7th of September 2021, to strengthen the relationship between the Eurosensors community members.

It will be based on invited contributions (no call for paper) and it will give us also the opportunity to commemorate three colleagues, pioneers of the Eurosensors conference who passed away recently: Prof. A. D’Amico, Prof. S. Middelhoek, Dr. Androula Nassiopoulou.

The programme of the event has been planned as a one-day event and it includes three different Sessions (each session inspired to one of the scientists who we would like to commemorate, depending on his/her field of activity during his career):


  • Chemical Sensors (to honor Prof. Arnaldo D’Amico)
  • Physical Sensors (to honor Prof. Simon Middelhoek)
  • Functional Materials (to honor Dr. Androula Nassiopoulou)


So, as General Chair of next Eurosensors Conference and on behalf of the Eurosensors Steering Committee, it is a great pleasure to invite You to register to the “Eurosensors 2021 Virtual meeting”, that will take place on September 7th 2021. The registration link is reported below:


Meeting Program September 7th 2021


Time Session Speaker Title
9.00   9.05 Welcome Organising Committee
9.05 9.15 Chemical Sensors


Corrado Di Natale Commemoration Prof. Arnaldo D’Amico


Radislav Potyrailo Conventional semiconducting metal oxide gas sensors :  highly desired performance boost by cross-pollination between electronics and mathematics
9.40 10.05 James Covington Artificial olfaction and its implications for medical diagnosis”
10.05 10.30 Marina Rumyantseva Metal Oxide Nanocomposites: Chemical Aspects of Gas Sensing
10.45 10.55 Physical sensors Lina Sarro Commemoration Prof. Simon Middelhoek
10.55 11.20 Oliver Paul A Bayesian Framework for Getting the Maximum out of Physical Multisensor Signals
11.20 11.45 Valentina Zega Nonlinear dynamics in MEMS: from simulation to experiments
11.45 12.10 Silvan Schmid Nanomechanical photothermal microscopy and spectroscopy
14.00 14.10 Functional Materials



Christos Tsamis Commemoration Dr. Androula Nassiopoulou
14.10 14.35 Christoph Stampfer Graphene-Based Broadband High-Frequency Ultrasound Detector
14.35 15.00 Lucia Curri Nanomaterials functionalized graphene nanocomposites for enhanced detection platforms
15.00 15.25 Ralf Moos Powder Aerosol Deposition: A novel technique to manufacture sensors and functional devices
15.25 15.30 Closure Pietro Siciliano